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Top Picks From Los Angeles Craigslist: December 2020

When it comes to finding used classics on Craigslist, there are plenty of options. Narrowing down the list first involves the buyer knowing what they are looking for. When looking for a used classic, buyers should consider preferences such as type, price point, year, and condition. 

Starting at the top, buyers should first identify what type of car they are looking for. This could be a coupe, convertible, truck, van, or pretty much anything that the heart desires. Once we figure out what type of car we’re looking for, we can then begin to think about our budget and the price of the car. This also ties in to the condition of the prospective vehicle. 

Let’s say we have a budget of $10,000 to spend in total. For that price we expect to at the end of the day, have a car in good working order. While you might want to set your price to $10,000, you should consider the work that will need to go into the vehicle. Most vintage cars under the $10,000 price point, will need some type of routine maintenance or at least a thorough car wash. 

Above the $10,000 price point, the majority of cars tend to be in working shape. This however, does not apply to high-value cars that are in need of a full restoration. The next step is to figure out the year of the car that we are looking for. Keep in mind that in the state of California, any car produced after 1975, needs to be smogged. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if your car does not pass smog, it could be an expensive process to get it certified. 

The last thing to consider is what condition we want the car to be in. Obviously, most people want to buy a car that is in solid working order. But, there are also enthusiasts out there who want to build projects from scratch, or add to existing cars. For these buyers, it’s all about finding the right project to take on. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at three vintage cars on Craigslist, that spark our interest. 

3 Vintage Craigslist Cars That Are Listed Right Now 

1. 1971 Jeep CJ5


This is a perfect example of a clean collector car that can be picked up for under $10,000. The Jeep CJ5 has come into a newfound sense of popularity in the past five years. With this rise in popularity has also brought a steep rise in value. From the looks of the ad, the car is very low mileage, with a professional rebuild to back it. The great thing about 1970s American cars is that they are easier to work on for amateurs than other cars of the era (we’re talking about you MG). In addition, finding a mechanic to work on these cars is fairly easy if need be. At $8,650, this Jeep looks like a great find!

2. 1971 Volvo P1800 


The Volvo P180 is another perfect example of a car that has come into the light in the past five years. Although the P1800 has always been a stunner, value has certainly gone up in recent years. Expect to pay around $5-10K, for a running and driving example. Top condition P1800s could run you anywhere from $25-35k. This specific P1800 looks to be in great shape and seems to be very original as well and is listed for $8,900. Although the exterior could use some touching up, the interior looks like it is in great shape. With Smith Gauges and classic Volvo styling, you can’t go wrong with a P1800. 

3. 1973 Corvette Stingray Convertible 


The 1975 Corvette Stingray is to me, one of the best looking American cars of the era. With flared out fenders and big Goodyear tires, you simply can’t go wrong. The 1975 Corvette Stingray has held a strong value for quite some time. Although this specific Corvette does come with an automatic transmission, we can look past that given the sound of that Chevy 350 engine. With the convertible top and pretty poor gas mileage, this car probably won’t be your everyday driver. 

But, when Sunday comes around and the sun is out, this would definitely be my pick. At $28,000, this Corvette is a little bit pricy. Expect to find a 1975 Corvette in great condition going for around $20-25k. A perfect condition 75’ ‘Vette with side exhausts, will probably run you around $35k at the max. A good tip here is to look for a car that may need some small repairs. Corvette’s are easy for DIY’ers to work on, and parts are usually widely available.