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What is Vendue House all about?

Vendue House is a community for car enthusiasts, collectors, and track junkies. We are in pursuit of that perfectly restored classic. good bones but needs a lot of work, soon to be cool, instant classic, and all things race car! Our goal is to build a safe and fun community around the buying and selling of something that we are all passionate about, great cars! Even if you are not in the market, please check out the cars and comment on your favorites.

Vendue House operates as an auction platform where vehicles are listed over a 7-day period and buyers are given the opportunity to ask questions and get as much information as possible without seeing the vehicle in person. The comprehensive selection process for each vehicle gives the buyer peace of mind that the vehicle they are bidding on will meet their expected quality. Anything that is not covered on the listing can be asked by the bidders and answered directly by the seller. This provides transparency between the seller and community of potential buyers for each vehicle.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of Vendue House.

Happy selling and bidding!

How it Works