Vendue House Frequently Asked Questions

Vendue House are designed to provide the best possible experience for buyers and sellers alike.

We offer three different ways to submit your vehicle: ClassicPlus and White Glove.

  • Classic is our tried and true service that has powered over 20,000 auctions and counting.
  • Plus adds high quality photos to our Classic offering to augment your listing’s presentation. Bidders want to see inspirational and detailed photos – and this will give you both!
  • White Glove is our concierge, we-do-it-all service for sellers with significant cars and collections.

Sellers submit their cars to BCMR from all over the world, and we select the most interesting and exciting ones to list for auction exclusively on our site.

We work with sellers to help them craft an honest and informative listing for their vehicle using the seller’s facts and photos.

Auctions have special features like community comments (these help people bid with confidence), bidding charge holds (to help ensure quality bidders) and sniping protection (to give everyone a chance and help sellers get the best possible price).

We’ve compiled a list of common frequently asked questions below. Take a look, and if your question is still not answered, drop us an email to [email protected]