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Auction Process

Auctions will open and close on various days throughout the week. All auctions will be 7 days in length. Comments and questions are recommended throughout the 7 days. This should give potential buyers ample time to get all question answered.


The bidding process is as easy as entering in a price above the current price and pressing submit. Upon bidding, a hold will be placed on your card for 4% of the amount with a minimum of $200 and maximum of $4,000. If you end up winning the vehicle that hold will be converted to a charge. If the vehicle is won by someone else, the hold will be released. Depending on your bank or credit card company, it can take a few days for the release to process.

Crunch Time: For the last 2 minutes of the auction, every new bid will reset the clock back to 2 minutes. Due to this bidding process auctions may close later than the scheduled time.


Seller’s Fee: list a Vehicle $75

Buyer’s Fee: 4% of the winning bid amount with a minimum of $200 up to $4,000.


It is important to comment and ask questions about the vehicles listed. All sellers should be as responsive and detailed in their answers as possible. All buyers should be as respectful as possible in their comments. Needless to say, it is ok to not like a car or point out something to community, just be nice about it! In order to comment you need to register, which can be done here.


Submission Process

Please use the submit a vehicle tab or click here to submit your vehicle for review. The more detailed info and pictures we receive the better. We will most likely give you an answer within 3 business day. If accepted, we will send you a link for payment of the listing fee. After payment your listing will begin it’s assembly process and usually go live within 2 weeks.

Things needed to submit a vehicle with Vendue House


In depth pictures

Video of car running/driving (if possible)

Copy of title (free and clear)

History of the vehicle

Records (if possible)

Car Selection Process

It is important to Vendue House that all cars are properly registered and titled with as much info as possible. Not all cars will be accepted but all cars will be reviewed.

Factors for approval of a submission

  • 01

    Due diligence findings.

  • 02

    Car story, is it interesting, is it unique?

  • 03

    Car itself, is it a current or future classic, sports car, race car?

  • 04

    Mileage, condition of car.

Due diligence check list

  • 01

    VIN check

  • 02

    History of vehicle

  • 03


  • 04

    Title check (must be a clean title vehicle)

  • 05

    No liens on the vehicle

Auction Post Sale Process

After a vehicle has been won, an email will go out to the winning bidder and the seller with each other’s contact info.


Arrangements for payment of the vehicle will be made between the seller and winning bidder. It is a safe practice to request a picture of the title and a bill of sale prior to sending payment.

Vehicle Transport

The responsibility of pick up or transport of a vehicle is on the buyer.
Communication is the key to a smooth transaction.

Vehicle Reserve Price


Vendue House will work with the seller to set a reasonable reserve price. It is important that this reserve not be made public as it can hinder the interest and bidding process on your listing. You can lower your reserve throughout the auction if wanted.


On a listing with a reserve price set, if that price is not met the seller is not obligated to complete the transaction. The seller will receive the high bidder’s contact info to possibly work out a deal.