Sell your car with us! We’re offering no listing fees for the first 100 sellers to submit their cars.

Submit your Vehicle to Vendue House

Things needed to list a vehicle with Vendue House

  • VIN
  • In depth pictures
  • Video of car running/driving (if possible)
  • Copy of title (free and clear)
  • History of the vehicle
  • Records (if possible)

Factors for approval of a submission

  • Due diligence findings.
  • Car story, is it interesting, is it unique?
  • Car itself, is it a current or future classic, sports car, race car?
  • Mileage, condition of car.
  • If all of this checks out, submission will be approved.

Due Diligence Check List:

  • VIN check
  • History of vehicle
  • Records
  • Title check (must be a clean title vehicle)
  • No liens on the vehicle
Submit a Vehicle

After your Submission is APPROVED

  • An email notification will be sent to you.
  • Follow the link to pay the listing fee ($75).
  • Vendue House will construct your bespoke listing.
  • A preview of your listing is sent to you for approval.
  • After you approve the listing, your auction is scheduled.
  • Your vehicle listing is live on Vendue House!